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Illustration Global is an international agent for visual art. We welcome: fine art, illustration, fashion drawings etc. Making it as quick and as easy as possible to provide clients with information about the cost of commissioning new work.

'With the emergence of the internet, and the increased need for a message to take seconds rather than minutes; the internet has become a place where visual art is starting to have more clout than popular music used to have, to break convention, and gauge current and future trends.'

JoWOnder (2017)

'The differentiation of art into 'fine' and 'commercial', with superiority attached to the former; would have bewildered western artists prior to the nineteenth century. Most art would previously have been produced as a result of commissions from the church, from civic authorities, or from wealthy individuals.'

Ruth Artmonsky (2008)

'...the history of art in the nineteenth century is the history of a band of heroic Ishmaelites, with no secure place in the social system, with nothing to support them in the unequal struggle but a dim sense of a new idea, the idea of the freedom of art from all trammels and tyrannies': and further – 'the artist, however mean and avaricious he/she may appear, knows that he/she cannot really sell himself for money any more that the philosopher or the scientific investigator can sell himself for money. He/she takes money in the hope that they may secure the opportunity for free functioning of his/her creative power.

Roger Fry, Visions and Designs (1923)

Artist JoWonder Entrepreneur Peter Blue at Hilton Hotel
Jo Wonder
Peter Blue
Entrepreneur / Investor


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